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Do you use flash?

Are you a natural light shooter?

While at indoor/outdoor venues, lighting can be a challenge when transitioning not only indoor to outdoor, but from day to night.  I take pride in the hard work and dedication that my team shooters and I have put in to ensure that we are well versed in natural lighting and flash/OCF to make sure we can deliver images in any lighting conditions.

What kind of (camera/flash/gear) do you use?

I've been a member of Nikon Professional Service for several years.  While using Nikon for a majority of my career, I also shoot with Leica.  For 99% of my weddings, I've carried no less than 2 camera bodies with overlapping lenses.  For that other 1%, I've carried 3, 4 if you include my phone.

How would you describe your style?

I like dramatic, real images.  I think that I tend to let things happen organically throughout the day and try my best to just be present.  I used to work for a newspaper and love the rawness of photojournalism.  

With that being said, if I get to have some time and some control, I like to give my clients images that remind me of old (I'm old) movie posters, album/CD covers, calendars and magazines.  I remember how much I loved the images from calendars, magazines and catalogs and all the cool imagery from actual music videos.  I like to play with light and flex some Photoshop skills whenever I get the opportunity.

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