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The Exotic Green Garden Bridal Show at Westlake Village Inn

What a weekend!  Just got done editing for the Exotic Green Garden Bridal Show held at Westlake Village Inn.  I took the liberty of shooting all the local vendors and then also shooting the bridal show.  Here are a few of my shots from the day.  

The entire gallery link is here.  

Wedding vendors:  Feel free to use images from the gallery link.  I just ask that you tag me in the social media, or give me a photo credit.

The fashion show by Camarillo Bridal and Friar Tux was also awesome.  A great set of dresses and good times all around.  If I missed anyone in the tags below, please let me know at

For my photo geeks:

Another one in the books for the Nikon D750/Sigma Art 50mm 1.4.  Just a power house combo in low light.  I must admit, Lightroom was put through it’s paces with bumping the blacks and shadows, but nothing new that I haven’t already used in previous weddings and events.  Sun at this time was a killer, but knowing to put my subjects in the shade helped out in post a lot.  Sometimes, you just can’t get stuff EXACTLY right in camera, but I can try to get as close as I can.  Without my AlienBees to help balance the sun, open shade had to work.  

It was also great having models that had some sort of experience with posing and their “look”.  I can’t tell you how many TFP sessions I did where models would lock once the camera came out.  

I wanted to do the entire event without using a flash, as sometimes, it just blinds every one.  Most of my shooting took place in the last hour of the event, so I was shooting fast and furious.  One thing that I had to be very aware of was the mixing of tungsten and natural lighting.  It drives me nuts when my white balance is off, but I knew that it would have to be something adjusted in post.  

As photographers, I know we are to taught to never say, I can get that later in post.  It’s a bad habit, like chewing with your mouth open or not using your turn signal.  However, if it needs to be fixed and adjusted in post for the sake of time/moment, it can be fixed in post.  I just want to say now, if you can fix it in camera, FIX IT IN CAMERA!


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